Our Process For Building A Strong Foundation

We start by conducting an in-depth analysis to understand your company, business model, culture, markets, competition and sales and marketing processes. We counsel candidates in building their profiles and present them job descriptions and interviewing guides that get to the heart of the critical elements that will determine success for your business. We also build a “story” about the job opportunity that will attract the best people to your company.

The Right Tools For Each Job

Once we’ve identified the right profile for your positions, we use proven methods to identify and approach leading candidates. We research and target specific companies and candidates, through a combination of focused communications, networking and direct approaches. We’re also in constant contact with top performers and maintain our own extensive network and talent database.

“A” Players Only, Please

Once we’ve attracted top candidates to your opportunity, we use rigorous behavioral interviewing, performance data gathering and profiling techniques to fully qualify candidates for each position. We assign “homework” and closely watch how they behave through the interviewing process, which is a good predictor of how they will perform once they come to work for you. Our multi-phased process is designed to make sure that only top performers get through it. By the time we deliver candidates to you, they are interested in learning more about our client companies while prepared to communicate their “features and benefits”.

Integrating With Your Process

Our job doesn’t end here. We stay closely involved with your interviewing team to debrief, determine follow-up, conduct in-depth reference checking, deliver offers, and “close the deal” to your complete satisfaction. So if you’re looking for top talent as the foundation for your success, check out the recruiting experts at SPEC. We have the proven experience and methods to eliminate the guesswork—and get you the people you need to accelerate your company’s revenue.